The OpenROAD project : Goals, demo, and code organization


Tom Spyrou (OpenROAD)


Tom will give an overview of the OpenROAD open source EDA project. He will discuss the goals of the project and how it fits into a healthy research ecosystem. Tom will also discuss the software architecture, show some code examples, and then conclude with a short demo.


Tom Spyrou is the chief architect and technical program manager for the OpenROAD system. Tom is a well-known EDA system architect. He was most recently a Senior Principal Engineer in Intel’s Programmable Solutions business unit working on the Quartus FPGA compiler. Tom has worked for over 30 years as an EDA Technologist and has gained extensive experience in areas including Static Timing Analysis, Logic Synthesis, Power Grid Analysis, Database Technology and Floor-planning. He has led the development of leading edge commercial engines and products such as PrimeTime, Voltage Storm, First Encounter, and the Open Access Database. Tom has been driving EDA algorithms to utilize parallel programming approaches with both multi-process and multi-threaded techniques. He has a BS from Carnegie Mellon University in ECE and an MS from Santa Clara University.