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TAU 2021

ACM International Workshop on Timing Issues in the Specification and Synthesis of Digital Systems

Virtual workshop will be held on April 8-9, 2021
through Zoom Video Conference Call

Workshop has started.

If you have any issues with registration, please contact Paul Pereira (Qualcomm) and Jignesh Shah (Intel).

Registration for TAU 2021 is now open.

Due to COVID, the workshop shall be held online.

The ACM sponsored TAU series of workshops provide an informal forum for practitioners and researchers working on temporal aspects of digital systems to disseminate early work and engage in a free discussion of ideas. The twenty-seventh in the TAU series, and on its 31st anniversary, the TAU 2021 workshop emphasizes novel aspects of timing and power analysis as well as optimization with special invited talks.

Keynotes, special sessions, and invited talks in TAU 2021

(not in order)
Keynote: ASTA for Cyclic and Asynchronous Circuits (abstract)
by: Christos Sotiriou
University of Thessaly
Title: Simultaneous Multi Voltage Analysis with Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (abstract)
by: Paul Berevoescu

Title: Robust Rare Circuit Failure Detection using Data-Efficient Machine Learning (abstract)
by: Peng Li
University of California, Santa Barbara

Title: The OpenROAD Project : Goals, Demo, and Code Organization (abstract)
by: Tom Spyrou
University of California, San Diego

Keynote: Use of AI/ML in Engineering Simulation (abstract)
by: Prith Banerjee

Title: Aging Timing Signoff Solutions for Automotive and IoT Applications (abstract)
by: Siddharth Sawant
Global Foundries
Title: Efficient Parasitic Interconnect Insertion for Timing Analysis (abstract)
by: Ron A. Rohrer
Southern Methodist University
Title: The Evolution, Pitfalls, and Cargo Cult Engineering of Advanced Digital Timing Sign-off (abstract)
by: Christian Lutkemeyer

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